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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Path

The Walk, Reflections on Life and Faith from the Appalachian Trail

As we read the first chapter, and perhaps the second one as well, lets consider the trail blazes (markings). Those blue, white, green, yellow or red small rectangles painted on trees, rocks or posts that guide us through a path. When life throws us an unexpected "curve", when our own pride leads us to leave the path, How do we find the way back? What is the importance of relying on the blazes, even if we know the path extremely well? Analogy: If I grew up in the Christian Faith, if I know the Bible stories well, if I presume to be gifted spiritually, If I pray often, does that mean that I can daily ignore the "blazes" of God's Word and His daily guidance?
What is everyone's thoughts on the subject of following the "blazes"?

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